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The differences between European and African culture is nowadays becoming a significant topic.
Especially in schools, these differences are being discussed by students, however due to the fact of time, students are not always able to go in details with these matters and many of them only have brief overview and understanding of the various issues.
One issue, in particular, is the life of African women.

Therefore, we the Theresia-Gerhardinger Gymnasium have formed a group of 14 girls and have been occupying ourselves in the last few months with this specific project with help from two of our teachers.
Thus we divided ourselves into two groups. One half was in charge of gathering information about this topic whereas the other group was in charge of creating the website on their own. Our goal was to create a bilingual website to inform other people about the situation of African women.
This topic is also of great importance to us, not only because we are an all girls school but because we actually have a partnership with a school in Ghana that supports and encourages the education of young girls.

We were also invited by the organisation "missio" to spend a day with them so we could develop a better understanding of the African culture.
Even later on, they were very helpful in supplying us with material.

We especially like to thank Mrs. Noveck from Missio, Mrs. Seidl for her help for programming questions and Sr. Yvonne Nosal for supporting us in translating the text.

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